4 Easy Braided Hairstyles To Glam Up Instantly

If you love braiding your hair, then you will love these super easy hairstyles

4 Easy Braided Hairstyles To Glam Up Instantly

Trendy braided hairstyles to sport this season

Love braiding your hair? Well, it's about time you took your braiding skills a notch higher to sport some really trendy hairstyles. While it may seem like a mammoth task to style your hair in gorgeous dos, if you can master a few tricks, you will realise that braids can help to lend in instant glam to your everyday looks. And that too without making you put in much effort. Yes, you heard us right. So come summer or winter, rather than wishing to chop your hair short or keep it tied high up, you will actually look for reasons to braid it up. We list out smart hairstyles that can be done easily at home, especially for those with long hair. Let's get started:

1. Tucked French Braid

All you need is a hairband along with a few hair clips to get a neat look. First, wear an elasticated hairband as a crown, leaving a section of hair in the front. Next, divide the front section of your hair into two parts. For the third part, take sections of hair from behind the hairband. Work out a neat French braid till it goes behind the ear. Then tuck in the remaining hair in the hairband and use the hair clips to hold the look. You can also do it in two layers.

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2. Braided Crown

This hairstyle is the perfect way to keep hair off your neck. Split your hair into two halves at the centre. Work on one section by starting to braid from the nape of the neck to the forehead but not till the top. Once you make the two braids, cross them over on either sides as a hairband. Clip them with pins. Or you could follow the following video.


Dutch Fishtail Crown Braid that would love this style! Full hair tutorial link in my bio! #missysueblog

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3. Braided Buns

Love buns a bit too much? How about going for braided buns that not just add a stylish edge but can be done in many different ways to present a new look each time? It's easy, hassle free and super convenient for summers.


A new tutorial is up on my YouTube channel for this “High Bun Bow Accent” hairstyle! Click the link in my profile @missysueblog to watch the full video + make sure to subscribe while you’re there! You wouldn’t want to miss out on any future videos!#missysueblog

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4. Side Braids

Who needs a hairband when you can make use of braids?



So don't let the heat wear you down. Stay stylish with these gorgeous braided hairstyles.