4 Hairstyling Hacks When Growing Out Your Fringe

Trust these tips to save the day, and your hairstyle

4 Hairstyling Hacks When Growing Out Your Fringe

These tips will make growing out your fringe a lot more stylish

If you thought maintaining a fringe was tough, you haven't experienced what happens when you fall out of love with it. Growing out a fringe is a long game and the end result to have it grow into the rest of your hair isn't exactly a cakewalk. In the process, the fringe gets in the way, looks unruly and doesn't seem to fit in with any hairstyle. So what do you do? Turn to these hairstyling hacks. They'll make the process of growing out your fringe easier and your hair, definitely a lot neater.

1. Sweep It

If you have a long fringe, a great way to blend it with your hair is by sweeping it to the side. Visit a hairstylist and ask them for a slightly curved trim at the end of the fringe. This will allow you to push it to one side to blend better with the hair length.

2. Twist It

For a fringe that's neither here nor there, merge it into a longer hair section and roll it around itself so that it becomes one long twisted section. This can be pulled back and pinned with the rest of the hair. Plus, it's a great accent even with hair worn loose.

3. Spray It

A wonderful way to disguise your fringe is by adding volume to it with the right product and then styling it backwards so that it will merge with your hair. This will free your hairline considerably and work well with a voluminous crown hairstyle like a bouffant.

4. Pin It


When in doubt, pin your way out. It's a phrase that fits perfectly when growing out your fringe. Decorative hair accessories like metal clips, barrettes and hair combs can pull the fringe back and hold it in place, all while adding a glam touch.