4 Points To Remember While Buying Perfumes In Summer

Choose the right perfumes that last longer and best suit your skin

Pick the right kind of perfumes for summer

Have a fetish for perfumes? Are you planning to add more fragrances to your collection this summer to stay fresh and beat body odour? Hold your horses. There are few points you need to keep in mind before you go and splurge. As much as you may think that perfumes can help fight unpleasant odour in this hot season, it is imperative you choose the right perfumes that last longer and best suit your skin. Wondering how? Here are some tips that can help you pick the right perfume:

Look for pure perfume

Lot of us overlook the percentage of pure perfume that is included in the perfume concoction. During summer, it is important to choose a scent that has a higher concentration of pure perfume in order to ensure the scent can brave the heat and humidity as well as prove to be long lasting and effective.

Pick summery notes

If you prefer lighter tones, you can pick up a flowery scent. You can also pick from the numerous oceanic, mint or citrus scents. These aroma profiles will work wonders to uplift your mood and help you pull through humid conditions. If you prefer a darker tone with more earthy notes, you can opt for woody bases like sandalwood.

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Choose a scent that has a higher concentration of pure perfume

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Sample the actual scent

When choosing a fragrance it is important to sample it outside the store, unaffected by the effect of the store and the air conditioning inside. Walk outside the store, finish some chores and sample it again to be sure of the actual scent.

Read the label

It is important to check the contents of the perfume to make sure that the essences are stabilised and not harmful to the skin. The summer heat makes us more susceptible to rashes and other unpleasant conditions due to our increased sensitivity during the time.

Sample and compare different kinds of perfumes in order to choose the best one for you. Since perfumes last for a good amount of time, make sure to pick scents that make you feel good and that you absolutely love.


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