4 Ways To Look Fresh Even After A Late Night

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4 Ways To Look Fresh Even After A Late Night

With these handy tips, no one will know a thing

With this being the season of celebration, usually strictly-followed bedtimes are taken leniently. The only downside to this is the morning after and we aren't even getting into what your body feels like. Post a late night, your face reacts similarly so you're sure to be faced with one or more of the following: dark circles, tired eyes and dry skin. If you can rest it off, nothing like it. But if you don't have a choice and have somewhere to be, here are 3 ways in which you can look fresh.

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1. Hydrate First

While chugging down a few litres of water will help you feel better eventually, give your skin an instant dose of hydration with an intense moisturiser. It'll get rid of that dreadfully dry feeling for healthy suppleness in minutes.

Swirlster Says: The Lotus Alphamoist Moisturiser is ideal to replenish your skin's moisture without leaving it greasy. It is available for Rs 250 from Rs 295. Shop here.

2. Cover Up

Blemishes and dark circles seem to stand out even more on tired skin. Cover them up effectively with concealer that will visibly brighten them almost instantly.

Swirlster Says: The Maybelline Dream Brightening Concealer has a creamy formula that blends into the skin and brightens dull spots. It is available for Rs 518 from Rs 650. Shop here.

3. Open Wide

The dead giveaway of a sleepless face is in tired eyes. With the help of mascara, give your lashes a defined curl for a more open appearance.

Swirlster Says: The Faces Magneteyes Mascara will give lashes a dramatic pump of volume. It is available for Rs 399. Shop here.

4. Glow Well

The final step to getting a radiant look in minutes is with a touch of liquid highlighter on your face's high points. It'll give the skin a natural glow that looks like it's coming from within.

Swirlster Says: The L'Oreal True Match Lumi Illuminator has a tint that looks natural when blended into the skin. It is available for Rs 645 from Rs 725. Shop here.


Keep these tips handy for your long nights this season