5 Beauty Products That Will Help You Channel The Winter Vibe

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5 Beauty Products That Will Help You Channel The Winter Vibe

Feel some winter vibes on your skin!

Every season, a lot of our favourite brands come up with some interesting new products. Be it in utility, design, fragrances, packaging, there is something new for us to consume. This winter too, there was an onslaught of a lot of different fragrances when in comes to the beauty department. The Body Shop, in fact, came up with three very wintry, festive products which we absolutely loved to indulge in. These products didn't just promise to be useful as far as pampering yourself is concerned but we also loved how they held true to the winter vibe. Check them out!

Winter calls for a lot of moisturising for our skin. Which is why you should stock up on The Body Shop Berry Bonbon Body Butter. This intensive moisturising body butter is enriched with cranberry seed oil from North America. We used the product and we loved how it worked for hours after it was applied. Priced at Rs 1,595, you can get this here. Also, it smells amazing and fresh.


If you aren't into body butters and want something lighter, you can go for this Berry Bon Bon body lotion. This is suitable for those who don't suffer from very dry skin in winter and want a light and fragrant moisturising lotion. This cream absorbs into the skin easily. Priced at Rs 1,135, you can get this here.


If you want to get a combo pack, go for this set which comes with Berry Bon Bon shower gel and body lotion. Each 250 ML bottle promises to leave your skin refreshed, supple, and smelling absolutely great. Priced at Rs 2,085, you can get this here.


Another very delicious smelling product The Body Shop came up with is Vanilla Marshmallow. Their line of Vanilla Marshmallow smell amazing, warm, and will absolutely make you want to bite into them. This tub of body butter is as effective as the Berry Bon Bon. It is priced at Rs 2,000, and you can get this here.


And it won't spell winter if you don't include peppermint candy delights as a falbour for your new products, eh? With that in mind, get this set of The Body Shop festive sack of Peppermint Candy Cane range of goodies. This pack comes with a shower gel, a hand cream, a tub of body butter. This will make for a great present as well. Priced at Rs 3,899, and you can get this here.


Stock up!