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5 Easy Hair Removal Methods You Can Try At Home

Wondering how to remove hair from your legs and hands while at home? Here are easy methods

5 hair removal methods to try at home

Pondering how to remove your body hair amidst lockdown? In awake of the current pandemic, we can't go out to the salon to groom ourselves, which leaves us in a tough spot. While some may not bother about hair growth, there are many who prefer a clean look to stay groomed. If you previously left these self care tasks to be handled by the parlour, now you need to adopt ways to go so at home, on your own. Removing hair at home is not a difficult task; in fact, there are many easy methods you can try. You can make your own wax using natural ingredients that will exfoliate your skin as well as remove all hair. Or you can turn to smart gadgets that efficiently do the job without any fuss.

How To Remove Hair At Home

 Let's take a look at several procedures to remove hair:

1. Soft Wax

It is a simple method and can be easily prepared using granulated sugar, lemon and honey. Melt 1 cup of sugar in a pot over medium heat, once it thickens add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1/4 cup of honey to it. Make a consistent mixture of the wax. If it is too thick, you can add water and stir. You can use cloth or wax strips that use the wax more prominently. It can be used for all skin types. Ensure to apply powder on your legs before waxing.

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sugar scrub lemon

Use granulated sugar, lemon and honey

2. Store Brought Wax 

If you don't think you can handle the above method, you can purchase wax and wax strips online and use that. All you need to do is heat the wax and apply it on your body in small sections like they do in the parlour. You can moderate the temperature. 

3. Shaving

It is the most easiest method of hair removal. Wash your legs thoroughly and apply a soap or shaving cream for smoother finish. Move the shaving blade in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Again wash your legs and moisturise them. Don't hurry into it rather do it patiently to avoid cuts on your skin.

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face shaving

Shaving is the most easiest method of hair removal

4. Depilatory Cream

It is very easily available in the markets and is an effective method for hair removal. All you need to do is apply the cream over your legs and it will weaken the hair bonds within 5 minutes. You can remove it using a towel or rinse it with water. Apply moisturiser for silky smooth skin. Depilatory cream contains chemicals that make your hair weak and enable them to come off easily without causing any pain. Make sure not to leave the cream on your skin more than 4-5 minutes or else it may cause rashes or blacken the area.

5. Wax Strips

Another easy method is to purchase readymade wax strips where two sheets are waxed together. This will save you the trouble of heating wax separately and applying it on your skin. You need to heat the wax gently, which you can do by rubbing the sheet with your palms. Then separate the sheets and use on your legs to remove hair. Don't forget to apply powder on your skin first. 


Waxing made easy to try at home

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Tips To Be Kept In Mind

Always keep your skin clean before applying anything on it and you can exfoliate it for better results. While waxing, ensure that the wax is applied in the direction of the hair growth and pulled off in the opposite direction. Take precautions while using anything on your skin so as to prevent yourself from getting burned when using wax or cuts while shaving.