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5 Skin Hygiene Rules That You Should Never Skip Out On

Healthy, nourished skin begins with good hygiene so make sure these rules are a daily part of your routine

Good skin starts with proper hygiene

You may have the fanciest products and most expensive tools but if you aren't hygienic when it comes to your skin, none of it will work and that's the cold hard truth. Keeping your skin clean isn't just about appearance, it is also to prevent the spread of infection and skin problems. It may be one of the most basic parts of skin care but it is also most often forgotten. Skin hygiene is important for all individuals, irrespective of age, gender and skin type so if it is healthy skin that you want from the core, ensure that you don't skip any of these skin hygiene rules.

1. Makeup Removal

You've heard it before and you're about to hear it again because it's that important. No matter how late it is, removing makeup cannot be skipped. If it isn't done, residual makeup will seep into the skin and clog pores through the night. Remember, it only takes a few hours to form a pimple.

2. Wash Brushes

Brush clean-up may seem trivial but here's why it really isn't. With every usage, makeup brushes come in contact with the face and collect skin cells. Over time, they accumulate on the brushes and can even intermingle with one's makeup. This is a potential skin hazard so make sure you wash your brushes weekly or depending on how regularly you use them.

3. Hands Off

One place your hands shouldn't be is on your face. Through the day, your hands touch numerous surfaces and in the bargain, pick up oils, dust and dirt. Imagine voluntarily putting that on your skin. Keep your bare hands away from your face as much as possible and yes, that includes never picking a pimple.

4. Trash It

Products come with expiry dates for a reason and that's definitely not so that they can be used for an eternity. Many of them are filled with active ingredients which spoil over time and aren't suitable for the skin. It may be heart-breaking to toss skin care products when they are expired but aren't used up but don't forget that expired products can do more harm than good.

5. Trust Yourself

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It is easy to get pulled into flowery reviews and editor recommendations when it comes to purchasing a product. The most important factor is however, your skin. Don't blindly go by what you read in a magazine or what your friend says. Go out and test it for yourself. If it suits your skin, that's the kind of skin care essential you will keep coming back to.