5 Ways To Prevent Split Ends From Damaging Your Hair

Stop split ends right from the start

Don't let split ends ruin your hair

Split ends are one of those dreadful beauty problems that don't seem to have a permanent solution. The truth is, they don't. You can disguise them cleverly as a temporary measure or chop your hair for a more permanent one but apart from that, no home remedy or product is an efficient long-term fix for split ends. What you can do is prevent them. If you'd like to stop split ends from taking over your tresses, here are 5 ways to prevent them.

1. Don't Put Off A Trim

Whether you rock a short crop or long tresses, a trim is absolutely essential for every head of hair. Hair ends undergo damage due to numerous factors and the longer you put off a haircut, the higher in length the damage gets. Depending on your hair growth, a trim (even an inch or two) must be scheduled every couple of months.

2. Lay Off The Heat

If you're addicted to heat styling hair tools, your hair's health will deteriorate quickly. While heat styling is fine occasionally, on a regular basis its high temperature leaves hair dry, brittle and split. Only use your tools when needed if it's split ends you want to stop.

3. Treat Wet Hair Right

When hair is wet, it is most vulnerable so whatever you choose to do with wet or damp hair, do gently. Don't dry your hair with a towel too aggressively. Don't brush your hair from the scalp and definitely don't pull or tie your hair. This can cause hair damage like split ends and breakage in the fragile strand when wet.

4. Stop Overwashing

Especially if you have an oily scalp, washing your hair everyday can feel like a normal part of your routine. However, you're doing more harm than good. The more you wash, the more you strip your hair of its natural oils. Without naturally secreted sebum, hair remains dry and prone to damage. Allow your oil to protect your lengths and if necessary, use a dry shampoo to pull it off.

5. Brush It Right


Who would have thought that something as simple as a hair brush could make a difference to the health of your hair ends. Choose a wide toothed comb or natural bristled brush which will allow redistribution of the hair sebum easily. Don't brush in the opposite direction as that can cause knots and tangles. Brush the ends first and then move from roots till your mid-length, rather than the entire length at one go.