7 Solutions For Every Summer Beauty Problem You've Ever Faced

Every summer beauty woe, solved

Add these tips to your beauty routine

No matter how much you love summer, you've got to admit that numerous beauty problems surface during the season and it's no coincidence. With high temperatures, dry breeze and humid climates, the season affects every part of the body in ways you cannot imagine. Fortunately, we've got the answers to them. Here are seven solutions for every summer beauty problem that every girl has faced at some time or another.

1. Shiny T-Zone

If your forehead, nose bridge and chin break out into a shiny, slick mess by midday, keep a pack of blotting paper and translucent powder on hand. The powder is ideal for a quick mattifying touch-up and the paper will absorb all the oil.

2. Body Odour

More summer sweat can mean more body odour. To tackle it effectively, shower often, use an anti-bacterial soap and dry your body thoroughly. Also keep a strong perfume in your handbag as your constant companion.

3. Chafing

Finding your thighs pink from the friction of rubbing together all day? Yes, chafing can affect the best of us. Fix it by applying a body lotion, petroleum jelly or powder on the affected area as a barrier before stepping outside.

4. Frizz

Don't you just hate the wave of frizz which hits as soon as summer arrive? Keep it in check by making leave-in conditioner or serum your best friend. It will drive away any dryness and flyaways that the season brings throws at you.

5. Prickly Heat

The dreaded cycle of hot weather and sweat often leads to prickly heat in summer. Curb it by applying ice packs to the skin, keeping the area dry and dusting it with cooling anti-bacterial powder.

6. Dryness

While oiliness is the most common summer skin problem, dryness too is prevalent, especially amongst dry skin types. Reduce it with lightweight moisturisers, a healthy fat rich diet and plenty of water.

7. Tanning


So your holiday has left you with uneven, tanned skin. Don't expect it to magically disappear in a week but you can help it along with anti-tanning products and a body pack made of tomato, gram flour and lime juice.