7 Times Alia Bhatt Proved Ponytails Weren't Going Anywhere

No, the ponytail isn't going anywhere. Case in point, Alia Bhatt.

Alia Bhatt shows us how to work a ponytail and how.

While on the topic of tress talk, it's safe to say that ponytails are our jam. Whether sleek and shiny for a wedding or high and messy for a coffee run, they're our go-to hairstyle. Turns out, Alia Bhatt feels that way too. Going by her barrage of looks on Instagram, Alia is a fan of ponytails and flaunts them everywhere, whether she's on holiday or at an event. Here are 7 such times Alia Bhatt proved that ponytails are here to stay.

1. Fab With A Dress


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For movie promotions, Alia Bhatt paired her floral midi dress with a sleek mid-length ponytail. With not a hair out of place, we love this glossy hairstyle.

2. Wonderful With Waves


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To add a snazzy touch to her charming school girl-esque dress, Alia wears her ponytail high and filled with beachy waves. What's not to love!

3. No Fuss Necessary


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Here, Alia takes a step away from her dresses and pairs a low slung, no-nonsense ponytail with skinny jeans and a cape jacket. All the winter inspiration we need, right here.

4. Bewitching And Bohemian


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While her look oozes bohemian charm with off shoulders and print mixing, Alia puts the chic in boho chic with a neat high ponytail, which is her favourite 'do after all.

5. Keeping It Classy


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Alia doesn't shy away from pairing her formal looks with a ponytail. With a slip dress, shirt and loafers, she wears a braided mid-length ponytail and gets two thumbs up from us.

6. Boss Ready


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In a look that's best summarised as 'boss babe', Alia pairs skinny jeans and pumps with a white blazer. Of course, she finishes off with a full, textured ponytail and what a look it makes!

7. Casual And Carefree


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With a delightful printed dress and strappy heels, Alia Bhatt wears her hair in a swingy, smooth ponytail which breathes life into her look instantly.