8 Products That Will Answer Your Every Monsoon Beauty Problem

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8 Products That Will Answer Your Every Monsoon Beauty Problem

Ready yourself for the beauty battle that is the monsoon

The rains can make for a picturesque season but beauty wise, that's not quite so. The increased humidity, hard water and bacteria in every nook and cranny can lead to rough hair, troubled skin and infections. But that doesn't mean locking yourself indoors for the next 3 months. Whatever your beauty problem this monsoon, we've got a solution. Here are 8 beauty products that will tackle your hair, skin and body worries during the rains.

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If your hair is frizzy...

Use the Streax Hair Serum. Vitalized with walnut oil, it tames frizz and gives tresses a silky, soft feel.

If your acne-prone skin is excessively oily...

Get the Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer. The climate can increase sebum production (and further pimples) into 10 but this vegan formulated moisturizer with green tea extracts stops bacterial proliferation which causes acne and gives the skin a mattified finish.

If your body is rough...

Try the Body Cupid Chocolate Body Scrub. This paraben and sulphate free formula has peppermint essential oil, cocoa butter and more which sloughs dead cells and impurities to leave it fresher, cleaner and brighter.

If your feet need extra care...

Pick The Moms Co. Natural Foot Cream. Feet are exposed to all kinds of water and sludge during the rain so they need more than just a wash. With Argan oil, peppermint essential oil and vitamin E, it heals cracks, increases blood circulation and cools feet.

If your body is dry...

Turn to the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream. Its fragrance-free formula delivers creamy, long-lasting hydration and is made especially for dry, sensitive skin.

If your hair is damaged...

Then the Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula is made for you. Hard water and acid rain can damage hair drastically during the season. Luckily, this product is exactly what you need. It contains quinoa protein and aloe vera in a gluten-free formula with convenient spray. When massaged into clean, damp hair (and washed off later), it rebuilds hair damage while also making it stronger, more elastic and voluminous.

If your body doesn't feel or smell fresh...

Then the Fiama Scents Mimosa & Neroli Body Wash is exactly what you need. First things first, this is nothing like your regular body wash. Its delightful formula is made with skin conditioners that cleanse and refresh the body. Once washed, a simple rub activates it on the skin, which promises up to 8 hours of fragrance. Moisturised, scented skin, all in one.

If your hands are flaking...

Pick the Plum Love & Limone Hand Cream. Made with fruit extracts, shea butter, glycerin and more, it moisturises the hands and absorbs quickly into the skin with a refreshing citrus scent.

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Ready yourself for the beauty battle that is the monsoon.