Expert Advice On Why Multi-Masking Is A Skincare Must

It's the answer to tailored skincare in just one step

Give your skin a targeted skin treatment at home

You've probably heard of multi-masking. If not, then you've definitely seen pretty faces sporting a multiple hued facial on social media. Multi-masking caught on quickly online but the reality is, it's so much more than a fad. As Korean naturalism brand Innisfree launched their range of 7 Jeju volcanic colour clay masks that can multi-mask like a dream, we talked shop with Innisfree India's beauty trainer, Aanchal Budhiraja about the necessity of multi-masking and its importance for the skin.

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Swirlster: Where does multi-masking find its origins?

Aanchal Budhiraja: With today's hectic lifestyle, skin types remain stable but skin conditions change. Environmental changes affect the skin. One day you might have perfect skin, the next you may have eruptions. Since one mask can't take care of all skin conditions, that's where multi-masking comes in.

Swirlster: What are the advantages of multi-masking?

Aanchal Budhiraja: Say you've come back from an outdoor activity. You T-zone might be oily but cheeks sensitive and chin, breaking out. To target each of those problems specifically, multi-masking comes in. More and more people today believe that they have combination skin because they are unable to treat the areas of the face differently.

Swirlster: If you were to pit single face masks versus multiple masks, how would they fare?

Aanchal Budhiraja: While face masks are good, multiple masks are a customizable, tailored solutions. They treat different problems at one time. Ordinarily, you would be doing one thing for sensitivity, another for the clean up etc. Multi-masking does all of that in one step.

Swirlster: It's apt for a modern lifestyle, then?

Aanchal Budhiraja: Yes, it's a one stop solution without hassle. You can multi-mask for a short time and you'll be done.

Swirlster: We're aware of skin types by now, but can you elaborate more on skin condition?

Aanchal Budhiraja: Skin condition never stays stable. One day you may have a tan, other times your skin can feel dehydrated or suddenly, a pimple erupts. Skin condition is affected drastically by lifestyle factors like your diet, sleeping habits, routine etc. It is also affected by the weather, pollution and city life, in general.

Swirlster: Tell us a little bit about Innisfree's new launch.

Aanchal Budhiraja: Innisfree has 7 new colour clay masks which come in 3 different textures. The purifying ones are a clay to foam type, vitalizing is water to gel type and 2 remaining are creamy. They contain volcanic clusters from Jeju island in Korea which is basically dried lava from the island that contains many rare minerals. They are made for specific skin solutions to calm, purify, hydrate etc.

Swirlster: What's your expert advice to multi-mask?


Aanchal Budhiraja: I recommend using 3 masks at a time, which is usually enough. A clay mask has mild exfoliation which is great to unclog your pores. Leave the mask for 15 minutes, wash it off and you're done. If you continue with a skin treatment after, it will be able to penetrate better into the skin.