Here's How To Tell What Your Skin Undertone Is

No more makeup mistakes or wrong shade horrors! It all ends now when you find out your undertone.

Here's How To Tell What Your Skin Undertone Is

How many times have you walked into a makeup store, fallen in love deeply with a product, walked out with it and come home to realise that it doesn't suit you? Countless times, we know. But don't blame yourself. It's not bad taste or anything (well most of the times, at least!), it's not knowing your undertone.
We all know our skin tone, but an undertone goes deeper, quite literally. Finding out how warm or cool your undertone is made selecting cosmetics a whole lot easier. Says makeup artist Mansi Mehta Kothari, "When you apply foundation which isn't suited for your undertone, it will appear stark and ashy. When it's the right shade and the matching undertone, it will look like second skin!" From selecting the proper shade of foundation to using the right colour corrector, a whole new world opens up when you know your undertone so here's how to find it out.

Test 1 - The jewellery test

On one of your wrists, wear gold jewellery and on the other, wear silver jewellery. Now observe your skin and notice the tone of which hand looks more radiant and fresh. If it's the one with the gold jewellery, you are likely to have yellow, warm undertones. If the silver jewellery won, you have pink, cool undertones.

Test 2 - The vein test

Take a close look at the veins on your wrist. What shade do they lean towards-bluish green or pinkish purple? If it's the former, then hurray! You have warm undertones. If it's the latter, you fall in the cool undertone category.

Test 3 - The sun test

When you step out into the sun for a prolonged period, keep a check on how your skin feels. If it starts getting sunburned and red, you have cool undertones which are generally associated with lighter skin. However, if your skin tans and darkens in the sun, you have warm undertones and most likely lean towards having deeper, duskier skin tone.

Now that you know this, you're all set to make beauty buys you never ever regret!