For Holi, Keep These 6 Beauty Tips In Mind. Your Skin And Hair Will Thank You

Before you head for Holi celebrations, take note

For Holi, Keep These 6 Beauty Tips In Mind. Your Skin And Hair Will Thank You

Don't let Holi colours damage your hair and skin this season

With Holi just around the corner, we're certain your excitement has hit the roof about celebrating it with plenty of festivities and even more colours. But the dreadful side-effects of the festival are colour-stained faces, parched hair and irritated skin. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can stop holi damage in its tracks, without having to stay at home and miss the fun. So try these six beauty tips before you step out for Holi and you won't have to skip the festivities.

1. Get Oiling

During Holi, the key to keeping your hair and skin safe from damage is by creating a shield around them. For your mane, that's with oil. Apply a thick layer of coconut, almond or argan oil with a pleasant fragrance all over your hair, especially around your hairline. This will repel colour or water and thus reduce damage to a great extent.

2. Face It

While sunscreen should be an unmissable part of your skin care routine every day, it's even more important during Holi. Since much of the day is spent in direct sunlight, a generous layer of waterproof sunscreen over any exposed skin like your face, legs and hands will protect from the sun's rays as well as cover the skin from colour stains.

3. Do Lip Service

Don't forget that in this colourful time, your lips need protection too. Apply nourishing lip balm with SPF content over the natural line of your lips so that they too are safe from sun and colour damage.

4. Skip Removal

If you plan on waxing, threading or shaving in time for Holi to show off your pins, plan ahead. Avoid any hair removal methods two or three days before the festival as this could lead to skin abrasions or cuts. When exposed to colour, it could infect the wound so make sure you carry out any hair removal well in advance instead.

5. Nail It

Many forget about their nails during this festive time, which leaves them with garish stains that refuse to budge for weeks. Prevent this by applying a thick coat of petroleum jelly over your nail bed and cuticles before leaving the house. Once you're back, they can simply be wiped clean.

6. Protect Your Skin

While sunscreen will shield your skin, your body needs an additional layer to protect it from any irritation and damage. For this, turn to a heavy-duty soothing moisturiser. Apply it all over your feet, hands and legs to prevent any itching or rashes from occurring. For your face, a cold cream formula that's creamy and nourishing should do the trick so apply it generously to your face, neck and ears.


Now go on and have a safe, colourful Holi.