How Hela From Thor: Ragnarok Is Giving Us Beauty Goals

Beauty goals from a superhero villain? Its possible, you'll see.

How Hela From <i>Thor: Ragnarok </i> Is Giving Us Beauty Goals

Hella is one seriously stylish superhero villain (Image Credit:Crazy Marvel Fan Girl)

This year has seen the rise of leading females in the superhero universe. While Gal Gadot played the strong, stunning protagonist in the first Wonder Woman movie; more recently, Cate Blanchett played antagonist Hella in the latest flick from the Marvel multiverse, Thor: Ragnarok. No spoilers for the superhero fans who haven't caught the movie yet because this one is for Hella, beauty icon.

What kind of person goes to watch a superhero movie and comes out decoding makeup looks of the villain, you may ask...a beauty addict, that's who. Even with her power struggle and crazy horned costume, Cate Blanchett looked fantastic even during her incredible fight scenes. So here are 3 times Hella from Thor: Ragnarok gave us some serious beauty goals.


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First and foremost, her eyes. Hella's signature eye makeup look throughout the movie is a set of classic black smokey eyes. Of course, being a supervillain and all, they are extended further towards the upper brow bone, temples and under eyes for dramatic effect. Now wouldn't you agree that a toned-down version would look perfect on a Saturday night?



Especially when things start to get intense in the movie, Hella transforms from the messy waves (from being too busy in battle) to elaborate horned headgear. To keep prime focus on the hair and eyes, the rest of the look is structured yet minimal - contouring on the cheeks, nude lips and sharp, defined brows.

Last but not the least, Hella's nails. This is one supervillain who knows how to fight like a boss without breaking a nail because no matter how action packed it gets, her stiletto shaped dark nails stay glossy as ever. As expected, her style is spawning inspired makeup looks too. Now if only Thor: Ragnarok had released a little earlier, Hella would have been the Halloween costume of so many.