How To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin Even In The October Heat

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Don't let the hot month get the better of your skin

Although you'd expect the year end to show you some mercy, that isn't the case for the month of October. Sweltering heat and dry breeze define the pre-fall month, so much so that you mistake it for the middle of May. What is even worse is the hit your skin tends to take in such weather conditions. Dry patches, excess oil and dullness are the most common skincare problems that arise. Thankfully, you've come to the right place. It is possible to get healthy, glowing skin even in the middle of an October heat wave with these skin care tips.

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1. Cleanse Right

While it may seem natural for you to wash and scrub your wash to drive away oil, don't overdo it. A gentle cleanser twice a day is more than enough to get the grime and impurities out. Any more and you'll end up over drying it, which will lead to even more sebum being produced to combat it.

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2. Inside Out

Your skin, like every other organ of your body, works from the inside out. That means what you consume is just as important as what you apply on your face. A diet rich in antioxidants, fibers and good fats will promote radiance, protect against free radicals and naturally dispose of internal toxins. That's enough for you to add leafy greens, dairy, eggs, fruits, nuts and seeds to your meals right away.

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3. Stick To A Schedule

You start by being enthusiastic about your skin care routine and in a fortnight, when results don't seem to appear, you quit. This is one of the greatest mistakes when it comes to improving the appearance of your face. One thing no one tells you about skin care is that it requires patience and commitment. Results rarely ever happen overnight but that shouldn't dissuade you from working on them. Strictly follow your routine, don't forget makeup removal and supplement it with a good diet and exercise.

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4. Hydrate From Everywhere

Hydration is the most suggested solution for every issue and is even recommended by celebrities. That's because it's true. Dehydrated skin doesn't only look dull and dry but also magnifies fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore hydrate yourself every chance you get. Drink 2 litres of water daily, add water-rich foods to your diet, turn to water-based products especially if you have oily skin and if you're ever short of time, slap on a hydrating sheet mask.

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5. Nature Knows Best

Even if you own the most luxurious creams and masks, don't turn your nose up at natural ingredients as ingredients to heal your skin. The list includes wonders like turmeric, gram flour, honey, oats, milk, fuller's earth, aloe vera and many more that can be whipped up in a variety of homemade face packs to nourish troubled skin.

Swirlster Says:  The Old Tree Fuller's Earth Powder is 100% natural clay that is ideal for oily skin.

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Don't let October get the better of your skin this season.