How To Stop Your Lipstick From Bleeding In 4 Ways

If you've found your lipstick rebelliously going past the lip line once applied, these tips will keep it in its place

How To Stop Your Lipstick From Bleeding In 4 Ways

Make sure your lipstick stays in its place

If you thought that applying lipstick was the tricky part, you haven't seen anything yet. Once lipstick is on, it needs maintenance to stay put. Even after cleanly applying a coat of bright lip colour, hours later you may find it leaked out of the lip lines; a smudgy waste of your lipstick and time. Luckily, you can prevent it from happening again. Try these four lipstick tips and save yourself from embarrassing smudges and bleeding lip marks.

1. Get In Line

We know you're excited to try out your brand new lipstick but before you do, make sure you line your lips. Either use a clear invisible lip liner or one that's the same shade of your lipstick to draw over the edges of the lips so that it acts like a barrier to prevent lipstick from spreading outside.

2. Set It

Like you would do with a full face of makeup, ensure that you set your lipstick too with translucent powder. Place a tissue over the fresh coat of lipstick, dust it with translucent powder and gently peel off. This will help it in place and prevent any smudging from occurring.

3. Cover Up

This may sound strange but hear us out. Concealer can also stop lipstick from rebelliously going outside the lines. All you need is a drop of long-staying concealer dabbed and blended all over the lips. Once it dries, apply your lipstick. Follow up by lining your lips with the same concealer and a lipstick. Concealer will work as a base and further guard lipstick from leaking.

4. Blot On

After lipstick is applied and has dried adequately, hold a tissue in between your lips and purse into it so that your lipstick gets blotted. This simple technique removes excess lipstick which further stops it from slipping out of the lines.


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