If You Have Short Hair, These 5 Accessories Will Help You Beat The Heat

Short haired girls, we've got you covered this summer

If You Have Short Hair, These 5 Accessories Will Help You Beat The Heat

These hair accessories are high on functionality and style (Image Credit: Chloen Brown)

Beating the heat and fighting the rays is a full time job in summer, especially for one's tresses. The sun can be a brutal master but the right accessories can not just look good but also keep one cool and reduce its effects. Short haired girls may not feel like they've got much in the way of hair accessories but never say never. These 5 hair accessories will save short hair from the summer sun and add a stylish touch.

1. Hair Combs

The rather underrated hair comb does an excellent job of detangling and pulling hair together. So even if you've got a choppy cut with stray hair sticking out, this one will make it manageable and solve that sticky neck for you.


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2. Head Wrap

Not to be mistaken with a head scarf used as a band to pull back the hair, this wraps the hair entirely, much like a turban. The benefits of this are many - protection against the elements and dust, prevention of your head from trapping heat and of course, style.


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3. Tie-On Hairband

Unlike other hairbands, tie on hairbands are made like a single piece to wrap and tie according to one's head size. This is perfect to double tie the hair, add a bow on top or even knot the bottom strands in a tiny bun.


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4. Hair Clips

If you've gotten a summer crop like a pixie that doesn't leave any room for tying, hair clips can be your savior. They can keep awkward hair sections in place and add a decorative touch, no matter how short your hair is.


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5. Hats

You didn't think we'd miss the most popular one, did you? Besides its obvious style quotient, hats work efficiently with any hair length to keep the head covered and shielded. Bonus: it's just what you need on bad hair days.

Which of these hair accessories will you try this season? Let us know in the comments