3 Skincare Products Pooja Hegde Wouldn't Leave Home Without

Bollywood actress Pooja Hegde tells us how her skin care journey began, right from the start.

3 Skincare Products Pooja Hegde Wouldn't Leave Home Without

Pooja Hegde, an actress and model by profession, has a presence like none other. When I sat down with the lady herself, it was like catching up with an old friend as she spilled the beans on how skin care is undergoing a revolution and her journey as the Citra brand ambassador.


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Dayle Pereira: Do you think the skin care industry has come a long way?

Pooja Hegde: I don't think it was always like this - we never used to pay this much attention to our skin before. Now it's changed, though. People are becoming more informed and aware. And with brands like Citra bringing more natural ingredients to us, that's the best way to go ahead.

Dayle Pereira: When did skin care become important to you?

Pooja Hegde: As kids, we were told, "Arrey haldi lagao!" From haldi to malai, we've all used home remedies and natural ingredients. Since I got into modelling it became really important, especially because your appearance is important. Even after being blessed with good skin, I always felt that if I had cared for it sooner, my skin would have been better.

Dayle Pereira: Citra has some new products with ingredients like pink pearl and green tea. What do you think about that?

Pooja Hegde: Unless you're an excellent scuba diver, you can't even think of finding ingredients like pink pearls in your skin care!

Dayle Pereira: It's like bringing a little part of the world to us...

Pooja Hegde: Just like how our nanis and dadis shared their home remedies with us, I'm sure a Japanese grandmother somewhere told her granddaughter to use green tea for her skin.

Dayle Pereira: With a schedule as hectic as your own, how does skin care feature in your life?

Pooja Hegde: Even when someone doesn't apply makeup every day, their skin gets affected. So imagine how it is with so much more makeup, cleaning, changes etc. Because of that, skin care has become extremely vital to me.

Dayle Pereira: If you had to pick only 3 skin products that you wouldn't leave home without, what would they be?


Pooja Hegde: Moisturiser, face wash, and a face pack. A face pack especially, because after shooting, my skin needs soothing and hydration.