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Read Model Gigi Hadid's Tweets To Body-Shamers Who Think She's 'Too Big'

"I am still learning and growing with my body everyday, as everyone is"

Gigi Hadid tweeted about body-shaming and kindness (Image Credit: AFP)

Most of us are guilty of looking at models, especially the women, and either passing snap judgements on their bodies, or envying their 'natural' ability to stay thin, while the rest of us struggle to keep our bodies in shame. We rarely stop to think about the struggles, pressures and panic that the subjects of our unbridled envy must face, every time their bodies shows signs of change, given that their livelihood depends on looking desirable and measuring up against the demanding and ever-rising bar of beauty. Yesterday, American supermodel Gigi Hadid, used social media to shine a powerful spotlight on the importance of loving your body - in all sizes - while lambasting body-shamers.

In a series of tweets, Gigi spoke about being diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease after making her debut as a model at the age of 17, and how the condition led to inflammation and water retention, which resulted in unthinking critics calling her "too big for the industry.

Gigi also came forth to talk, with brutal honesty, about needing medication to deal with her condition and the symptoms she had to battle with, during her treatment.

And finally, she spoke about loving and accepting your body, regardless of its size, allowing it to grow and mature with age, and an entreaty to people to be kinder to each other - on social media, and in life.

Gigi's honest acknowledgement of her health issues and complete acceptance of her body clearly resonated with thousands of social media users, across the world. At the time of writing this article, her tweets had been liked almost 400,000 times and retweeted over 100,000 times, cumulatively.

Thousands of supportive and encouraging comments poured in too, some from celebrities, but most from men and women who had struggled with similar health or body image issues.

For those not in the know, Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune condition in which the patient's immune system turns against its own tissues, attacking the thyroid gland located at the base of the neck, below the Adam's apple. Inflammation from the disorder often leads to hypothyroidism (when the thyroid gland does not make enough hormones to suffice the body).

While we love Gigi's blunt takedown of body-shamers and nastiness on the Internet, the most empowering part of her tweetstorm was, arguably, this sentence: "I will not further explain the way my body looks..."


We hope more models, actresses and even regular women around the world take a leaf out of Gigi's book of body-positivity and saying a firm 'no', every time someone asks demeaning, belittling questions about their weight or size.

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