Tired Of These Embarrassing Beauty Problems? We Know How To Fix Them

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Tired Of These Embarrassing Beauty Problems? We Know How To Fix Them

Fixing all the beauty problems you're too shy to talk about

Worries in the beauty world can include sudden zits and dry patches but aren't necessarily confined to them. In fact, many problems exist that are unacknowledged because, well, they can feel embarrassing. Today, we're breaking through the shame to discuss how you can fix them. From unsightly pimples over your back to dreadful sweaty pits, here's how you can tackle them all.

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If You Have Yellow Teeth…

Pick The Beauty Co. Teeth Whitening Powder. Unlike any other paste or wash you've ever used before, this jet-black powder uses activated charcoal from coconut shell to polish the teeth. It is used with a wet toothbrush, similar to how you'd brush your teeth and might startle you with its black residue when brushing but fear not, because it washes away instantly. With prolonged daily usage, there's noticeable brightness on the teeth. It is available for Rs 449 from Rs 599. Shop here.


Powder from The Beauty Co.


If Your Thighs Are Chafing…

Get Raw Nature Chafing Ease Cream. Chafing is a skin problem faced by many but spoken by almost no one. It occurs when there is friction in areas like the thigh, neck, stomach etc. which can be painful. This chafing ease cream contains cedar wood and lavender and is anti-fungal with sedative properties to soothe aggravated skin and stop fungal growth. It is available for Rs 649. Shop here.


Cream from Raw Nature


If You Are Sweating Excessively…

Try Sweatgo Solution. While sweating is a natural process, excess of it can feel uncomfortable and look unsightly. This anti-perspirant forms a layer to reduce excess sweat and control the rate at which the skin perspires. It is available for Rs 147. Shop here.


Solution from Sweatgo


If You Have Bacne…

Pick The Medicinal Soap Co.'s The Back Butt And Body Bar. Pimples over unexpected areas like the back, buttocks, neck and chest can make one feel uncomfortable in sleeveless clothes and swimsuits. This soap bar is made with organic ingredients like activated charcoal and tea tree oil to treat acne and prevent its occurrence. It is available for Rs 3,369 from Rs 5,264. Shop here.


Soap from The Medical Soap Co.


If You Have Dark Knees And Elbows…

Give The Beauty Co. Elbow & Knee Whitening Cream a try. Unknowingly, friction can leave joints like the knees and elbows dark; which may pose a problem if you decide to wear shorts or dresses. This cream, with its wonderful floral fragrance, aims to fix it. The light cream blends well into the skin, making it ideal to wear outdoors too. It lends a brighter look from the start and over time, promises to even out the skin tone. It is available for Rs 699 from Rs 750. Shop here.


Cream from The Beauty Co.


If You Have Dark Underarms…

Select Dot & Key Underarm Detox & Color Correction Mask. As with the rest of the body, constant rubbing can make underarms dark and uneven. And that's a completely different problem from smelly pits. This mask made specially for the underarms promises to fix everything. Made with tea tree and peppermint oil, it fights bacteria, controls body odour and reduces discolouration over time. It is available for Rs 675. Shop here.


Mask from Dot & Key



We hope this fixes all your beauty problems that are rarely talked about.