Try Ileana D'Cruz's Slick Hair & Red Lips Look For Yourself

Just like Ileana Dcruz, this festive season, go for sexy red lips, bronze eyes and slick hair.

Try Ileana D'Cruz's Slick Hair & Red Lips Look For Yourself

Ileana D'cruz looking ravishing in red lips and bronze eye makeup (Image Courtesy: Ileana D'cruz)

Besides the sweets and decorations being constant festive companions, there's another thing you can count on and it's red lipstick. The classic tones of red and gold make definite appearances through the bridal and festive season - a look Ileana D'cruz flaunted recently too. With slicked back wet hair, gleaming skin and fiery red lips, she looked chic in a look that's perfect for the festive season. So whether you're a wedding guest or heading to a Diwali party, here's how to get it yourself.

Step 1 - Start by priming your face with an illuminating primer or strobing cream to give your face a luminous base.

Step 2 - Next, apply a shimmery bronze eyeshadow over your eyelid and blend it into the crease with a fluffy applicator brush. Dip an angled shadow brush into the same bronze shade and blend it over the lower lash line.

Step 3 - To get Ileana D'cruz's eye makeup, line the upper lash line from the inner corner to the outer with a creamy kohl. Then use a narrow brush to smudge it outwards. Dab the same brush at the outermost part of the lower lash line and smudge it with the bronze shadow.

Step 4 - Use an eyebrow powder or gel with a stiff brow brush to outline your brows and draw small vertical strokes in the bare spots. Run a spoolie brush through your brows to give them a natural, defined finish.

Step 5 - Dot a lightweight foundation all over your face and neck and use a buffing brush to blend it into the skin. Dot a second layer over dark spots and under eyes which need additional coverage, then blend into the skin.

Step 6 - Apply dots of liquid highlighter over your nose bridge, high points of your cheekbones, forehead and chin. Then use a dense narrow brush to blend it into the skin.

Step 7 - Dip a large angled brush into a bronzer and shade it into the hollow areas of your cheeks which will add warmth, as seen on Ileana D'cruz's glowing cheeks.

Step 8 - Apply red lipstick over your lips. Let it set for a minute then dot just a bit of highlighter on the centre of your lips and blend it in.

Step 9- For Ileana D'cruz's slick, wet hair look, take two pumps of hair mousse and run it into the crown area of the head with your fingers. Sculpt it into place and let the hairstyle set.

So when will you try this gorgeous look from Ileana D'cruz for yourself?