Want Long, Lustrous Hair Like Athiya Shetty's? Try These 5 Hair Care Tips

Long, luscious locks like Athiya Shetty are just a few hair care tips away.

We can't get enough of Athiya's healthy, bouncy tresses (Image Credit: athiyashetty)

Besides Athiya Shetty's full pout and legs for days, there's one more enviable asset of hers that we're lusting after and it's her hair. Like her never-ending pins, Athiya's locks are always flowing and consistently look shiny, healthy and voluminous. No wonder they're her constant beauty accessory in most of her looks. So if you want long, flowing hair just like Athiya Shetty's, try these hair care tips. In time, they are sure to show results.

1. Say No To Heat

While heat styling tools are fine every couple of days a week, don't make it a habit. Whether your weapon of choice is a straightener, crimping iron, curling tong or blow dryer, they all emit some amount of heat and in time, that breaks and damages the hair. Absolutely not what you want when aiming for long locks, right?

2. Home Remedies Never Go Out Of Style

Yes, they may be cumbersome and messy but home remedies never go out of style and that's because their ingredients are tried, tested and passed down the ages. So even if you use the most expensive creams and mousses, hair packs with fenugreek, coconut oil, neem and curry leaves work magically to improve scalp health and hair growth.

3. Scissors Please

This may sound counter-intuitive, but a regular snip is necessary for hair to grow long and healthy. No matter how much you try and avoid it, damage always finds its way to your hair ends in the form of split ends and breakage. If you want healthy, strong hair, this needs to go or else the damage will just keep spreading upwards. A chop really is good for you!

4. Don't Forget Your Scalp

If it's long locks that you desire, remember that starts from the scalp. Hence, keep your scalp free of build-up, dirt and dandruff with a clarifying shampoo often. Ensure that you check in for a relaxing head massage during your weekly deep conditioning session. Not only is this great to get some shut eye, it also promotes circulation and stimulates hair growth.

5. Eat Right


Healthy hair comes from within. So along with your favourite hair care products, your diet must be filled with food that boost hair health and length from the inside. These are eggs, nuts, spinach, carrots and avocados- so add them to your diet today.