Amazon Freedom Sale 2019: 7 Airtight Containers That Are Up To 80% Off

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Amazon Freedom Sale 2019: 7 Airtight Containers That Are Up To 80% Off

There can never be too many of these in your kitchen

If there's one item no kitchen can do without, it's a set of airtight containers. From storing spices to marinating meats to packing lunches and holding dry fruits, they serve countless purposes. What makes them stand out is their ability to keep air and moisture out so that contents inside stay crisp, tasty and free from bugs. If you're an Amazon Prime member, check out these 7 airtight containers that are up to 80% off exclusively for you in the Amazon Freedom Sale 2019.

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The Sumeet Stainless Steel Container Set is a set of 4 circular shaped stainless steel containers with storage capacity from 400ml to 1 litre. They have multicoloured BPA-free plastic lids that make them airtight and leak-proof. They are currently 13% off.

The Solimo Storage Containers are a set of 2 deep rectangular plastic containers with brown lids and capacity to store up to 3.4 litres. They have a space efficient design and can be washed easily. They are currently 28% off.

The Machak Storage Containers are a set of 3 food grade plastic jars with colourful lids and 900ml capacity. Besides being airtight, they are also scratch resistant and shatter proof. They are currently 30% off.

The JN-Store Storage Box is a great deal to grab while you can. The set of 6 containers have snap fastened lids and are safe for usage in the microwave, dishwasher or freezer to keep food hot or cold. They are currently 82% off.

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The Slings Storage Jars are a set of 6 clear jars with an easy lock lid, shatter-proof acrylic body and capacity of 1100 ml. They are currently 64% off.

The Cello Checkers Canister Set contains 18 food grade and BPA-free plastic PET jars of varying sizes which have an airtight seal. They are currently 35% off.

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The Amazon Basics Food Storage Container Set is a set of 3 clear plastic containers with capacity of 1 litre. They have an easy snap fastened lid and nestable design. They are currently 24% off.

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There can never be too many of these in your kitchen.