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How To Make Ice Cream At Home Without Using A Machine

Beat the summer heat by following these tips on how to make ice cream at home

Expert tips on how to make ice cream at home

Feeling the heat of summer 2020 already? With the temperature rising and us being stuck at home, this calls for a perfect reason to make delicious ice cream at home. Now if you thought that owning an ice machine was a must to make ice cream at home, then let us tell you that there are always quick fixes. In fact, it's always good to go back to simple, traditional methods when all else fails. Besides you will be cutting down on junk by knowing exactly what ingredients have gone in and making natural ice cream at the comfort of your home to ensure hygiene and safety.


Expert Tips On How To Make Ice Cream

Making ice cream at home can be absolute fun. Even if you don't have an ice cream machine, you can still achieve good results by keeping a few things in mind. Basic ingredients include good quality and rich cream, condensed milk and your flavourings like chocolate, vanilla extract, lemon, chocolate chips, cookies, etc. That's all you really need.

Executive Chef Simran Singh Thapar of JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa says, "Ice creams are fun to make and the best way to beat the summer heat. The process of churning is important. Remember that the more you churn, the better/ smoother the texture. In case you have patience, repeat freezing and churning for 3-4 times instead of just once, as directed in most recipes."

Kaustab Haldipur, Chef de Cuisine at Spice Lab Tokyo shares, "The 3 Fs of ice cream making at home are freeze, fill and finish."

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The 3 Fs of ice cream making

Chef Kaustab Haldipur elaborates the 3 Fs of ice cream making as follows:

1. Freeze the ice cream container (faster the ice cream mix freezes, the creamier it will be).

2. Fill the ice cream container no more than 2/3rd. Too much quantity will lead to an unfrozen ice cream.

3. Finish off the ice cream within a day or two. Since at home we don't have the luxury of having an ice cream stabiliser like in restaurants, it gets gummy, mushy and starts shrinking from the sides.

Home-made Ice Cream Recipe To Try At Home

Here's an easy-to-make chocolate ice cream recipe:

Chocolate Ice Cream

Recipe: Chef Simran Singh Thapar, JW Marriott Mussoorie



1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave oven or over a double boiler setup.

2. Mix the cream and condensed milk and whip to get some air into the blend. The more air you incorporate, the lighter and creamier will be the ice cream.

3. Create an ice basin and over ice, blend in the melted chocolate into the whipped cream blend.

4. Pour in a container and allow to chill and set in the freezer for 12-15 hours.

5. Remove and churn in a food processor or blender jar to break any ice crystals and again pour into the same container. This time, while pouring add the cookie bits at random to add texture and a surprise crunch into your ice cream.

6. Allow to set in the freezer for another 15-20 hours.

7. Serve and relish your own home-made ice cream delicacy.


  • In case of no chocolate, use any fresh fruit puree and add fruit dices after the last churn instead of the cookies.

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  • In case of no cream, add 1 tablespoon custard powder to 250 ml milk to get a thick custard. Use instead of cream in the recipe.