Say Cheese: 7 Different Kinds Of Cheese To Treat Yourself To

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Get your hands ondifferent kinds of cheese to relish

Who doesn't love cheese, right? Be it to enjoy a cheese platter while sipping wine, dig into a creamy pasta dish or give a flavour boost to salads, there are many delicious ways in which you can add cheese to your diet and relish its distinctive taste. Keep aside those regular cheese cubes and spreads, and pick gourmet specials like parmesan, gouda, feta and others to dish out delightful treats. We have listed down seven different kinds of cheese that you can pick from Amazon and add to your kitchen store cupboard. Have a look:

1. Urban Platter Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

This is a 100 percent plant-based cheese made with cashew cream and coconut oil for a rich and creamy cruelty-free treat.

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2. Amul Gouda Cheese

Pick this delicious gouda cheese from Amul to add to your cheese platter or to make delicious treats when you have guests over.

3. Dlecta Natural Cheddar Cheese

Be it to make a creamy pasta or add to your sandwiches and omelettes, you will love using this cheese to notch up your dishes.

4. Kraft Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese

Love Philadelphia cheesecake a bit too much? Then don't miss picking this cream cheese from Kraft to make your favourite dessert at home.

5. Almarai Full Cream Feta Cheese

A favourite cheese to team with salads, pick this pack from Almarai and dish up amazing salads to relish.

6. Dlecta Italian Cheese, Parmesan

With complex flavour and dry crumbly texture, parmesan is a hot favourite when it comes to notching up pasta, sandwiches, salads and other treats.

7. Remia Dressing Blue Cheese

This is a creamy blue cheese dressing for salads that can also be used in baking and as a dip.

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Get your hands on different kinds of cheese and notch up your dishes.


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