14 Films To Watch On Valentine's Day Curled Up Under A Blanket

We got you covered

14 Films To Watch On Valentine's Day Curled Up Under A Blanket

The perfect recipe for a great night? Beers, a large pizza, and a great movie

Let's just put it out there: Valentine's Day is overrated, overhyped, absolutely unnecessary propaganda from greeting card makers and chocolate sellers. And florists.

Unless you are dating someone.

In which case, it's all heels and dresses and "Pick me up at 8!"


But it is absolutely inarguable that if you are not doing anything "special" on Valentine's Day, it is really not a big deal. It's a non-issue. A thing that doesn't matter. Vehemently inconsequential.

Unless you are dating someone.

But if you aren't (and that's really okay), how about you take the day to treat yourself, your mother, your sister, your nephew, your dog, your best friend...whatever. It is 'love' you have to celebrate anyway right? And what is more chill a scene than the perfect recipe for a great night - beers (or wine), a large pizza with extra toppings, and a great movie?

Recommendations? We got you covered.

1. Silver Linings Playbook

Because you need to remember that no matter how...whacky you get, there always someone to match your crazy and not just love it.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

Because maybe you didn't find your love in high school, but you can always live it in a movie.

3. Breakfast At Tiffany's

Because can we ever get enough of Audrey Hepburn? Vintage, vanity and vicarious living....every feel you will get when you watch this one (again!).

4. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Because it is probably essential to watch a fictional character's problems to gain some perspective.

5. 500 Days Of Summer

Because we all need reminders of what break ups can be like; and how we will always, always, always emerge out of them.

6. The Sweetest Thing

Because we have all decided to be off dating. And we all know how that ends. And it's fun to watch.

7. Before Sunrise

Because you need to remember that sometimes you find things when you aren't looking for them.

8. Get Smart

Because you also need a reminder that you sometimes find love where you don't expect to find it at all.

9. Blue Valentine


Because you define your own idea of what a perfect love story is.

10. You've Got Mail

Because it always starts with a stranger, and a hello. Well, a text now.

11. My Best Friend's Wedding

Because sometimes you lose the one you love, only to find it again in a different way.

12. One Day

Because not love stories need to have a wholesome ending.

13. The Notebook

Because, Ryan Gosling.

14. Titanic

Because, it's Titanic.

Can I get a hallelujah?