3 Little Ways To Show Your Partner You Really Care

When it comes to building and sustaining a happy relationship, it's the small and special things you do for one another that really count

It is important to let your partner know how special they are to you

Taking someone for granted after a while of being together, is unfortunately, more common than any one of us would like. Assuming that your partner and you have an understanding and that neither one of you really needs to do anything to make the other one feel special is fine - but when it comes to building and sustaining a happy relationship, it's the small and special things you do for one another that really count. You could have an ordinary relationship, where the two of you do and discuss everyday mundane things together. Or, you could have a relationship filled with love and excitement, if only you never let your partner forget how special they are to you. Just saying it isn't enough. After all, it's the actions that really count, right?

Here are a few little ways to show your partner you really care, just in case you let it slip their mind.


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1. Pay attention when they speak

Yes, it's exactly as simple as it sounds. Get off your phone, forgo the "hmm" to acknowledge that you've heard them say something and actually pay attention. Every time you ignore something said by your partner, no matter what the reason, you're giving them a signal that you're disinterested in their point of view or perhaps at a deeper level, even them. You might not intend to, but by paying more attention to something or someone else when your partner is speaking, you're harming your own relationship and rapport with your partner.

2. Include them in your plans

Wanting to spend some time alone with your friends and family every now and then, minus your partner, is perfectly normal and understandable. But when you want to go out with your friends and leave your partner out of it every time, it indicates a massive problem. Unless you have something to hide, you shouldn't feel the need to segregate your plans and your partner's every single time. In doing so, you're only indicating to your partner how little you value their company and feelings.

3. Be willing to try something new for their sake

Just because you don't particularly fancy doing something doesn't mean your partner won't. When it comes to doing something that they enjoy and you don't or vice a versa, compromise is key. Compromise doesn't mean that you always put your reservations aside and do exactly as your partner asks. It simply means that you learn to look at their point of view and consider doing something that they enjoy, together with them.