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3 Mistakes To Never Make When In Bed With Your Partner

Sex with a person decides a lot of things for you both; therefore, special care needs to be taken to not ruin the moment

Dont go straight for the kill. Ever

There are a lot of things you should be careful of when you are in bed with your partner. One must make sure that their partner is pleasured, not be selfish in bed, taking care of your hygiene, and not leave the other person hanging on the edge of their climax - these are just few of the things. It is funny how things which come so naturally to us as human beings are things we have to be reminded of. It is a largely accepted fact that sex should never be a one person show, not a one man/woman army doing all the work. It is a symbiotic experience that needs to be enjoyable for both the parties.


In order for that to happen, there are a certain don’ts that one must remember in bed. More often than not we forget that we aren’t just naked with a person but also naked in our vulnerabilities. Sex with a person decides a lot of things for you both; therefore, special care needs to be taken to not ruin the moment. Here are a few things to NOT do.

Don’t go straight for the kill

Hello, heard of foreplay? It is probably one of the most important part of sex. A lot of people just go straight for the final destination, as if the whole thing is just means to an end. The journey needs to be made as amazing. There needs to be a build up before you reach the climax.

Don’t make it porn-like

News flash: sex in real life is nothing like sex in pornographic movies. And to expect, nay demand that it be so is quite frustrating (and uneasy) for the other person. In case you want something like what you have seen during your “recreational hour”, make sure you have a conversation about it with your partner first, to gauge their comfort level.

Don’t keep mum

No, no, absolutely not. You have no idea how frustrating it is for the active partner to try and decipher whether what they are doing is actually enjoyable for the partner or not. Be verbal, make sounds, moan. But don’t keep quiet. Make some noise.

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