3 Reasons Why Millennial Relationships Are So Hard

With a vast gamut of choices available to millennials, sticking to one thing and an unwavering attention span have become uncommon

3 Reasons Why Millennial Relationships Are So Hard

With social media having taken over our lives, real life relationships are becoming harder to maintain

If you're in your 20s and single, you know the dating world is harsh. With social media having practically taken over our lives, Tinder seems like the place we're most likely to find a match. The fact that we don't always find a match even there (even though we might have swiped right) can take a bit of a toll on our self-esteem from time to time. What are we doing though, that's making relationships so hard to succeed? Why is it becoming increasingly difficult to have a happy, long-term relationship? Let's explore a few reasons...

1. We've Discovered Something Known As Ghosting

What is ghosting? Well it's just a formal name given to a new method of breaking up. If lack of communication while in a relationship wasn't enough, people have started resorting to suddenly cutting off all ties of communication in order to break up. The idea is that the person who is being cut off or left without even a text message, will just get the hint. The bottom line - ghosting refers to actually just disappearing when you want to break up instead of having "the talk". For those of you who were wondering why so many people open to dating these days are cynics and skeptics, well, here's your answer.

2. People Don't Know When They're Actually Exclusive

Lines are massively blurred and most people have a hard time deciding and understanding whether or not they're exclusively seeing the person they're with. Are you wondering how is that even possible? Again, this comes from a massive lack of communication and also the need to be seen as the "cool" one. There is a huge fear of freaking the other person out or just seeming too demanding by asking for something as natural as commitment from the person you spend a lot of your time with.

3. Commitment Doesn't Seem As Cool As The Alternatives

With so many amazing options available - no thanks to all the apps that will have food, gadgets, clothes and even romance delivered to your doorstep - millennials are spoilt for choice. With this vast gamut of choices available, sticking to one thing and an unwavering attention span have become uncommon. Even if one might want to be in a settled, steady relationship the pressure of not fitting in is too high. Putting in a lot more effort and understanding the difference between real life and social media could be a huge saving grace.

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