3 Things You Need To Do Before Your Best Friend's Wedding

It is essential for you to be prepared and sort out your own life well before your best friend's wedding festivities begin

3 Things You Need To Do Before Your Best Friend's Wedding

The last thing you need during your best friend's wedding is to stress out about your own issues

Your best friend's wedding is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events that you're ever going to experience. You're almost as involved as you would be in your own wedding preparations, except you have an additional responsibility; to be there for your best friend when she really needs you. In the time leading up to the wedding, the bride is bound to start feeling some amount of stress. As excited as she might be with all the wedding festivity around her, it's only natural for her to experience a host of different emotions given all the changes that she's going through in her life. Your duty, first as foremost as the bride's best friend is to be there for her and tend to her needs in the days leading up to her wedding; which is why it is essential for you to be prepared and sort out your own life well before her wedding festivities begin.


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The last thing you need around your best friend's wedding time is to start stressing out about your own issues. There are some basic things you should get sorted well in advance so that you're stress free and can make the most of this fun time with your best friend. Here are a few such things.

1. Plan your leave

Waiting two or three weeks before the actual wedding to apply for your leave is not a wise thing to do. What if your colleague wants to take off at the same time? What if your boss wants to send you for a work trip around those dates? What if there's an important presentation or workshop coming up just then? When it comes to something as important as your best friend's wedding, don't wait too long to apply for leave from work. Applying at least a month prior means that your office and your boss have plenty of time to count you out of anything that you might actually be required for. This allows them time to allocate that work to someone else for those days and let you take that time off.

2. Get your clothes ready

Yes, it's your best friend's wedding, but it's just as important for you to look your best. Remember, being the bride's best friend means that you're always going to be with her, and therefore always in the limelight. So start getting your outfits ready at least two to three months prior to the wedding. If you're getting something tailored or custom-made, this will give you plenty of time to get the perfect silhouette, structure, shape and fitting. If you're buying something ready-made, you'll need time to look around before you finally like something enough to wear it for your best friend's wedding.

3. Think about a special gift

While the bride and groom are going to get plenty of gifts from their wedding guests, yours has got to be special. Given that you know the bride better than any of her other guests, yours must be a gift that she can cherish forever. Think of something that you know will hold some amount of sentimental value for her. Dig into your favorite memories together and think about what she truly might enjoy.