7 Simple Things Women Want In A Relationship - Men, Take Note

We want you to love us in our pyjamas, with no makeup and a messy ponytail just as much as we want you to love us when we're all dressed up.

Man surprising woman with some flowers (Representation)

Men often think understanding a woman is close to rocket science. It's really not. Women are actually pretty simple, if you really get down to thinking about it. The things they want are not complicated. They are, in fact, in most cases, things that should already come with a good and healthy relationship. Here are a few things every woman wants and should get in a relationship.

1. Respect

Whether we're standing right next to you or miles away - we want you to respect us. This in no way means that you simply accept everything we say even when you think we're wrong, without an argument. It simply means that you respect us enough to have a conversation with us about the things you think we do wrong, rather than discussing our issues with other people. It means that you respect that we can and do, in fact, have an opinion and it might not always match yours. It means that you understand and acknowledge that we are two equal partners, building a life together - and both our lives, careers, friends, family are equally important.

2. Acceptance

We want you to love us in our pyjamas, with no makeup and a messy ponytail just as much as we want you to love us when we're all dressed up. We want you to love just how much we love food - and just how much we can eat. And we definitely want you to accept the occasional snoring and drooling. No judgements passed!

3. Some Romance

Fo real. It's not that hard to ask us out for a nice romantic dinner once a week. If once a week seems too often, then definitely once in two weeks. Date night is important and we want to be able to feel that you still want to spend the same romantic time with us as you did in the beginning. Cuddling, sipping some wine and watching a romantic movie on the couch will do too.

4. Attention

Okay, we admit it. We want, need and love your attention. This doesn't mean we want you swooning over us all the time. Definitely not. We enjoy our space as much as you do. We just want you to pay attention to the things we say and remember them. We want you to reach out to us every now and then when we're out together and we both get busy talking to other people. We want you to call or text us when you find time during the day just to let us know you're thinking about us. That's all!

5. Equal Amount Of Help Around The House

There is just no negotiating this one. We don't want to be taking sole responsibility for the house. If we're living together in a space we both call home, we need you to contribute equally to making that space beautiful and taking care of it.

6. Some Pampering

Every now and then. Some breakfast in bed, a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning, maybe just a tiny gift or flowers out of the blue for no reason at all. We like this stuff no matter how much we say we don't like the cheesy stuff. When you actually do it, there's nothing we'd be other than happy.

7. Sex

Yes, women like and want sex. Sometimes more than men. This shouldn't be a surprise. Don't become lazy and stop making an effort to have sex or be sexy for your woman. Women like to feel wanted by their partners and a sense of intimacy in a relationship - just as men do too. Sex is a great way to feel that intimacy and keep the spark alive.

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