Desi Bridesmaid Duties: The Ultimate List Of Dos and Don'ts

Being the bride's close friend means that you're half family and half wedding planner.

Desi Bridesmaid Duties: The Ultimate List Of Dos and Don'ts

Mouni Roy as a bridesmaid at a wedding. (Image Credit: Mouni Roy)

Being a bridesmaid is relatively simpler to being a bridesmaid at an Indian wedding. Since there are 4 times the number of events (and guests), you can imagine why. So if your bestie is getting married and you're one of her bridesmaids, know that it comes with many unsaid dos and don'ts. We've compiled the most important ones for you here.


1. Know all the dates and times of each and every function by heart.

2. Get your outfits in order for each of those functions way in advance - with approval of the bride.

3. Tag the bride in every wedding meme you see on the internet - and, of course, send her all those beautiful Pinterest wedding boards too.

4. Come up with strategies for the Juta Churayi. Even if you aren't technically family, you're a part of this tradition now.

5. Always have the essentials on you - compact, safety pins, lipstick, tissues, band aids, perfume.

6. Be prepared for the tears. Even if you're not great at handling meltdowns, they're going to happen and it's your job to know exactly what to say.

7. Get chummy with the bride's mom. Give her your number, have her's saved too - she's the one who really knows when your help is needed.


1. Do NOT be late for any of the functions. It's best to plan your casual leave beforehand.

2. Do not get too tipsy on the cocktail/wedding night. You need to be one doing the handling, not getting handled.

3. Do not try and skip out early, even during the pheras. She's going to know and she's going to remind you later.

4. Do not lose your cool, it's not your wedding. Be prepared for random demands and smile in the face of crankiness.

5. Do not try and look prettier than the bride. No, we're serious. Don't even think it.

6. Do not let people be bored. The bridesmaids are the unofficial entertainers - the ones who have to drag strangers to the dance floor and make sure everyone took minimum 3 helpings of the food.

7. Do not miss a single dance practice before the sangeet night. You can't let the groom's side win.