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How To Get Over Someone: 6 Ways To Forgive, Forget And Move On

If you want to get over someone, it's not often easy but nor is it impossible

Get over someone with these valuable tips

Roses do not delight you anymore? Does it feel like the weather is gloomy and something is killing you from the inside? That's what heartbreak is all about. We all go through this phase at least once in our life. Few people get over this turmoil easily but for some, it takes a lot more time to get back their life and move on. So if you are someone who is trying hard and looking for options to get over your ex, you are absolutely not alone. If everything around you feels tremendously daunting and you are struggling to see the path to happiness, let us tell you that feeling sad and numb is absolutely fine. Take your time and remember, this too shall pass.

Be it a high school crush or a longtime relationship which suddenly ended on a bitter note, getting over someone is not easy. Even if it was your mutual decision to be apart or just a strong infatuation which didn't turn into a relationship, it will take time to heal the wound. We are not even going to force you to forget him or her as it's not practically possible. But as they say, life must go on, so it must.

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6 Ways To Get Over Someone


Here are some tips for you to get over someone:

1. Wait, Think And Analyse

Always remember that there's no time limit you have to get over someone. If he/she has taken a foot forward in their life, that doesn't indicate that you need to forcefully do so or pretend to be happy. It is all about your emotional quotient and your capability of dealing with it. If you are taking a long time then just go with the flow. Think about your current situation and act accordingly, there's no need for outrage.

2. No More Stalking

It is natural that you want to see your former partner after separation. But the more you stalk them on social media, the more you sink into the deep sea of depression. The best way to get over someone is to cut down on all the connections that link you two with each other. Social media is the most crucial connection you need to break. Block them from every possible media linking you two together. If possible, stay away from mutual friends for some time.


3. Focus On Your Life

Remember your life solely depends on how you deal with it. If you let your past overtake your present, you can never stay happy. To get over someone, you need to focus on your life right now. Set career goals and work according to it. Trust us, you'll soon start loving your new life.

4. Surround Yourself With Positivity

If you're eating chocolate ice cream and binge-watching series for a long time to get over someone, you are not doing it right. It is good to overcome the situation initially. But in the long run, it would take you away from positivity and productivity. So, get up and push yourself into activities like workouts, yoga, singing, dancing, painting or just writing. Basically, revive your lost hobbies.

5. Eat Right And Feel Good

Going through a breakup or heartbreak provokes you to consume unhealthy food. Be it excessive drinking or eating junk, you cannot get over anyone by consuming foods which actually harm you. In fact, these foods stimulate the hormones which are responsible for sadness and anxiety. Also, it reduces the chance of dopamine (happy hormone) secretion. So eat healthy foods like walnuts, cherries which are good for our mental health. Other than that, eating veggies and superfoods can keep your physical health well which in turn, will keep your mental health boosted.


6. Holding On To Blame? Nay!

We're not asking you to forgive them or just be friends again. But the blame game can make you suffer from anger issues and hypertension. Just let it be. As we have already mentioned the famous words by the experts, 'life must go on', you should also move a step forward by leaving the harsh feeling behind.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these effective ways to get over someone and start new.

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