Yes, The Pull Out Method Can Still Get You Pregnant

The pull out method seems like fun, but it can end up getting you into trouble. Don't believe us? Read this for yourself.

Yes, The Pull Out Method Can Still Get You Pregnant

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Many of us think we can wing it when it comes to using protection. "Just let him pull out before he ejaculates", we think. Using condoms during sex is an obvious thing to do. But many of us still skin it - for reasons that we're sure you're familiar with. What you need to know is that what seems like fun and pleasurable at the time - will end up getting you into trouble.

Let us explain the basics.

1. What Is The 'Pull Out' Method?

Pulling out or the withdrawal method is a way to prevent pregnancy by pulling the penis out of the vagina before ejaculation. If the semen enters the vulva or vagina, you can get pregnant. Yes, it's as simple as that. Ejaculating away from the vagina, if not using condoms or on the pill, is the only way to possibly prevent pregnancy.

2. How Effective Is The Pull Out Method?

The reality is that the pull out method is not as effective as other forms of birth control. It requires complete accuracy. Withdrawal takes a lot of self-control and understanding of one's body. In order to get it right, it is important that the penis is all the way out of the vagina before ejaculation. There is no room for error with this method and even if a little bit of the semen gets into the vagina or vulva, you're looking at a possible pregnancy.

Pulling out works best if used with other forms of birth control, such as condoms or pills.

The withdrawal method is often a fail because while the plan is to pull out during ejaculation, it's easy to change your mind. Yes, it happens, doesn't it? It's not completely unnatural to forget or just be unable to resist the urge in the heat of the moment.

Many people also ejaculate before they realize or think they are ready to. It's what we call premature ejaculation. It's real.

3. Why Is Pulling Out Not A Recommended Form Of Birth Control?

Other than the fact that it is not 100% successful in preventing pregnancy, pulling out cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases either. There are many STDs that spread through skin contact and many that can be transmitted through pre-cum. Pre-ejaculate is the liquid that oozes out of the penis before ejaculation during sexual excitement. For some people, it can carry a small amount of sperm and thus result in pregnancy.

Here you have it, ladies. Just a friendly reminder that if you're sexually active and don't want to get pregnant just yet, use birth control!

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