5 Backpacks To Make A Cool Statement With At Work

Which one would you go for?

Which one would you go for?

If you are bored of carrying a generic handbag to work, we have an easy solution for you. If you are someone who doesn't mind carrying a backpack then you will love these five backpacks we have curated for you here. Getting a backpack is not only a stylish way to carry your belongings but also a way to save your hands the trouble of carrying something. And these quirky and fun backpacks are sure to convince you to get one.

If you love your embellished accessories a little too much, get this Mimisku backpack set. The set includes a backpack, a sling bag, a wallet, and one pouch for coins. The set comes with pretty floral and metal embellishments on each piece. What a great deal, eh? Priced at Rs 799, you can get this set here.


If you want to channel some floral vibes, get this Crafts My Dream backpack. This beige bag with vibrant roses printed all over is quite a cute bag to get. The bag has quite a soothing feel to it. Priced at Rs 699, you can get this here.


If you are one who loves quirky prints, this owl printed Lychee canvas bag in cream colour is for you. The PU leather tan cover on the bag adds quite a stylish touch to it. Quite a trendy design, this one. Priced at Rs 792, you can get this here.


If you want to get a chic backpack, this blue and brown Lapis O Lupo backpack is for you. This bag is simple and effortlessly classy looking. This will look pretty stylish with a lot of your outfits. Priced at Rs 1,099, you can get this here.


And if you don't mind a very classy and contemporary looking bag, then get this Kraptick canvas backpack in grey colour. This unisex bag is quite spacious and is available in four other colours. Priced at Rs 1,099, you can get this here.


Which one would you go for?