7 Colourful Tote Bags That Are A Fun Office Choice

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Add a touch of colour to your work look

Thought office dressing only consisted of white shirts, blue trousers and grey jackets? Then it's time to think again. Dress codes aren't all that strict anymore and a little colour does no harm. But don't fret about wearing it on you; take your pick from one of these 7 colourful tote bags instead. You can keep it aside on days when muted tones are mandatory and on days they aren't, they'll add happy hues to your outfit.

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The Lino Perros Tote Bag is a faux leather traditional shaped tote with dreamy blue and purple floral design. It has a zippered top and drop handles.

The Caprese Penny Tote is a fiery red handbag with shoulder straps, a tag and metallic studs trimmed along the top.

The Caprese Livia Tote is a pastel blue oval shaped handbag with stoppers at the bottom, hand straps and a long extendable strap.

The DailyObjects Tote Bag is a glimmering rose gold faux leather tote with a zippered enclosure and black straps.

The Van Heusen Tote is a slim burgundy rectangular shaped handbag with handles, a drop strap and gold hardware.

The Van Heusen Bag is a pretty salmon toned pastel peach bag in a slouchy hobo style with an additional pouch and open top.

The Caprese Mia Bag is a faux leather pink tote handbag with dual sets of straps and rose applique in front.

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Add a touch of colour to your office outfit.