Bet You've Never Worn Your Crop Top Like Shraddha Kapoor

You may have seen celebrities in crop tops but none quite like this

Bet You've Never Worn Your Crop Top Like Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor gives the crop top her unique spin

It was the summer of 2014 and crop tops had quickly reached the peak of summer fashion. They were stashed in every colour and selling out swiftly in stores. Everywhere you went, from the mall to the beach, someone or the other would be flaunting the mini t-shirts. Fast forward 4 years. Crop tops are much more accessible and even available at local street stalls. Their initial sheen however, has dulled a bit.

Crop tops have been there and done that so many times over by now that unless they are particularly statement-making, they aren't worth the look. Bollywood's stylistas still manage to work the crop top in novel ways. Malaika Arora shows off her washboard abs in one and Priyanka Chopra has a flat out obsession with them.

The newest member of crop top lovers is Shraddha Kapoor. But before you roll your eyes at the thought of seeing her style it as usual, think again. Shraddha has been vigorously promoting her upcoming movie, Stree along with co-star Rajkummar Rao. For the latest round of promotions, Shraddha wore a crop top in a way that you've never seen before.


The actress paired her co-ord set with a crop top

Shraddha opted for a three-piece ensemble from Saaksha & Kinni in neutral tones. Her ivory shirt and loosely fitted trousers were thankfully upgraded in the most ingenious way with a brown crop top. The outfit was paired with black strapped sandals, blue earrings and her favourite new accessory, the nose pin.


Shraddha Kapoor styles her crop top in a unique way

Ever since the crop top made its debut on Indian shores, crop tops have been paired under blazers and with tracks but never like this. It's a pretty novel way to style the otherwise risqué crop top. Not only does it take Shraddha's otherwise muted ensemble up a few notches quite drastically, it also stays modest, which isn't something you'd expect from a crop top. It may not pass through every style scanner but kudos to Shraddha for reviving the crop top in an experimental way. Plus, if you're conscious of showing skin with a crop top, this could just be the way you should be sporting it.