How To Become An Expert At Online Shopping

Many of us do not like online shopping because we do not like dealing with returns. Am I right? Here's a 4-step foolproof plan to never having to return an item.

I've been a shopping addict since I can remember. Even if I don't buy a thing, I'll always know where the item a person is wearing is from, which brand it belongs to. Naturally, my friends started asking me what to buy from where. And when I advised them to shop online, their main concern was how they have to deal with returns in case they order the wrong thing. Well, I have a solution!

1. Check the measurements box.

A lot of us have a tendency to ignore the small measurements box which is in the description of the product on most sites, but that's where you can learn about the products size - whether the item is true to it's size and, of course, measurements from the bust to the waist to the hips.

2. Pay attention to the description.

Every website has a stylist who styles the garments to make them look more appealing. So do NOT let the styling distract you. The item that you like will look very different on a regular person. Also, oftentimes there will be a belt, or camisole shown with the piece, which will not be included with the garment you like, so read the description carefully.

3. Stalk it on social media.

Whenever you're buying something you've never seen in person, it's always better to look up the product on the website's instagram or facebook page. Generally you'll find real people wearing them and you'll get better angles of the product. This gives you a realistic idea of the product and if it's worth buying.

4. It's all about the fabric.

Always compare the fabric to something you own. Fabric is one of the most important things about clothing. Most of the times, you like an item because of the material and how comfortable you feel in it. You don't need to be a fabric expert for this, just feel the fabric of the previous item you've ordered with the one you want. For example, when I discovered my favorite Zara no lycra jeans and wanted more pants that felt like them, I simply looked at other jeans on the site with the same fabric makeup. In addition to denim, this tip works especially well for dresses, lingerie, sweaters, blazers, and trousers!

And there you have it. Follow these 4 tips and I'm sure you'll be an online shopping expert. Now no more being disappointed because you didn't like the items you bought online.


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