Kit Harington Is GQ's Worst-Dressed. Winter Has Truly Come For Jon Snow

We understand it's cold, but some of Kit Harington's outfits are a little less than fitting for the King in the North!

Kit Harington at San Diego Comic Con. (Image Credit: gameofthrones)

GQ just released their annual best and worst dressed lists - and we're shocked at who made it right to the top of the worst dressed list. It is none other than The Game of Thrones star, Kit Harington, more popularly known as Jon Snow.

Yes, Jon Snow, ladies and gentlemen. It might be hard to believe, given just how adorable most of us find him - but looking at some of his red carpet and casual appearances, we're leaning towards agreeing with the fashion experts who helped compile this list, including Giorgio Armani and Sir Paul Smith.

Kit Harington rose to fame with his legendary role as Jon Snow, the "bastard" of Ned Stark. While his character has won over a lot of hearts (if not all) with his kind yet kingly demeanour, loyalty and love towards his family, bravery, and of late, love for Daenerys Targaryen - Kit Harington hasn't managed to win over the most important hearts in the fashion world. Oh well, Kit, we still love you. We just wish you'd do something about those messy locks and uninspired clothing choices while you're South of the wall.

While Sophie Turner, who plays the role of Kit's half-sister, Sansa Stark, in GoT, managed to turn quite a few heads as she stepped out of her GoT costume and into this shimmery dress - Kit managed to turn more than a few heads too. However, for very different reasons. While Sophie is often eulogised across fashion magazines for just how pretty she looks, Kit sent our fashion radar burning into flames by wearing this floral, embroidered black suit.


We're not sure if Jon Snow would approve of this turtleneck. We understand it's cold, but this outfit is a little less than fitting for the King in the North!


We love those long locks in GoT, but IRL they've just got to be at least brushed out. This all-over-the-place look just isn't for us - and it seems like it isn't really for some of the top people in fashion either.


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Having said that, Kit Harington is still adorable and that cannot be taken away from him. Call it our love and bias for Jon Snow, but there's no way we can end this without some of Kit's best looks and cutest moments too.

Here are the times Kit Harington blew Instagram away with his cuteness, even though he's not even on Instagram!


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He might have made it to the worst dressed lists, but if this look of his isn't dapper, we don't know what is.



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As long as Jon Snow keeps delivering on GoT and remains the true King in the North, we're willing to forgive Kit Harington for any and all fashion faux pas'. Here's hoping he really makes up for his clothing choices in real life, in the next (and probably last) season of Game of Thrones.

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