Summer Dressing Made Easy: 3 Instagram Stars To Inspire Your Look

These fashion bloggers are almost at par with celebrities (if not ahead) when it comes to setting the tone for what's trending and what's not

Fashion bloggers are known for their distinctive style (Image credit: shereenlovebug)

There are movie stars and then, well, there are Instagram stars. If you get down to thinking about all the famous faces you know and see today, you'd most definitely be putting down plenty of names you only know thanks to this magic world of pictures called Instagram. Instagram is a form of social media that has pretty much everyone on their phones all the time - looking for or at whatever interests them. There's a page for everyone, and then there are all sorts of people to be inspired by or take inspiration from. It shouldn't come as a shock then that most fashion trends start and end on Instagram too. Instagram has its own share of fashion celebrities who are known to millions all thanks to their distinctive sense of style. These fashion bloggers, as they are often called, are almost at par with celebrities (if not ahead) when it comes to setting the tone for what's trending and what's not. If you ask us, celebrity stylists most often get their ideas from these Instagram fashionistas too.

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to style yourself this summer (and look fabulous in your holiday pictures), have a look at these pages on Instagram.

1. Shereenlovebug

If you're having a dull day, we suggest you check this feed out. Shereen's feed is fresh and bright and will leave you with many outfit ideas for your summer break. This style blogger seems to have a flare for pastels, prints and flowing silhouettes. We promise you this, you will not exit this page without wanting to cop a minimum of 5 outfits. We'd bet on it, but you'd probably lose.


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2. Notjessfashion

Jessica Wang's page a lesson in how to take street style many notches higher. She seems to take the most inane colours and silhouettes, pair them together and give you an outfit that leaves you lusting after it. But that's not all her page will do for you. Jessica Wang will give you fabulous outfit ideas, yes, but through her feed, you'll also get to see many different parts of the world and get some unparalleled tips on how to take your summer pictures. You're welcome.


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3. Pamallier

If quirky and cute is what you have in mind for your summer wardrobe, you need to look no further. Pamela Allier's wardrobe seems to be full of flirty dresses and casual everyday tees, jeans and co-ords. We are currently lusting after many of her pastel outfits.


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