This Raincoat Is Set To Be Monsoon's Hottest Fashion Trend

A fine combination of style and functionality, this trend is coming in hot this rainy season

This Raincoat Is Set To Be Monsoon's Hottest Fashion Trend

Go trendy with this monsoon's most stylish raincoat (Images Credit: Zara)

Clear accessories appeared a few years ago on the runway and since then, there's been no turning back. From sturdy dark leather, totes became transparent and following suit were sunglass frames, boots and even jewellery. Going by the natural course that style takes, monsoon fashion wasn't far behind. Soon enough, the transparent trend was taking over the sphere and getting everyone rain-ready in style. Gum boots got a Perspex touch (which was perfect to flaunt one's printed socks) and clear handbags made sure to show off designer wallets while keeping belongings waterproof.

Finally, it isn't restricted to accessories anymore as raincoats are now joining the bandwagon. Transparent raincoats have been around for a while but are peaking in popularity this season. It started right from the ramp for this trend. Designers like Burberry and Miu Miu created smocks and ponchos that covered the outfit completely without visually covering anything. It was layering where each level is easily visible, like a chic outfit or a delicious sandwich. From there, the transparent raincoat trend trickled down to the high street and shortly, to e-commerce sites.

The monsoon is already trickling in and our predictions are calling out this trend so don't be surprised when you see it all over. Raincoats are more practical than rain gear like umbrellas and windcheaters because they cover you up enough to actually keep you dry. Add transparency to the mix and the usually messy monsoon season suddenly becomes stylish. You're protected from the drizzle and your meticulously put-together outfit is completely visible for your #ootd pictures, all at once. We hardly think there's any better monsoon companion than this one.

transparent raincoat

Clear Raincoat With Trims is available for INR 2,590 at Zara



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