4 Gorgeous Treks In Maharashtra That Are Monsoon Perfect

Soak in as much green by signing up for treks and being outdoors

4 Gorgeous Treks In Maharashtra That Are Monsoon Perfect

Treks in Maharashtra

Is your wanderlust soul craving for a gorgeous trek to get away from the concrete jungle and enjoy nature at its best? Well, who says that monsoon is a spoiler? In fact, it is the perfect season to soak in as much green by being outdoors. For those living or visiting Maharashtra, there are many treks that are most beautiful and best enjoyed during the monsoon season. From making your way through luscious green meadows and forests to climbing up to ancient forts, you can truly enjoy the rains and feel recharged. Excited? We list out four popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra -


Not only is this trek picturesque, but has historical significance too. It is in these ravines or 'khind' that Shivaji Maharaj defeated the Uzbek general Kartalab Khan by trapping, ambushing and attacking his armies from all sides in the dense forests. The trek starts from Umberkhind and then makes its way through meadows and streams to finally reach the plateau. A trek that combines all kinds of terrain and makes the most of the rains! It takes about four to six hours to complete the trek.

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Duke's Nose

As one drives up to Khandala, Duke's Nose is hard to miss. It is the prominent rock structure which looms to the right - the very top of which is the trekking destination. Legend has it that it was named after the Duke of Wellington whose nose allegedly resembled the shape of the cliff. The trek starts at Kurvande village, after which the walk becomes slightly steeper, stepping over craggy rocks to scale the top. This is a beautiful trek especially when accompanied by wind and rain.


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Built by Raja Bhoj of the Shilahara Dynasty nearly 800 years ago, Asherigad towers above the other forts in the Palghar region due to its sheer size and height. Remains of settlements, a ruined entrance, fortification symbols, an ancient Portuguese shield, water cisterns, lakes, a cave and a temple are few of the things to see during the trek, apart from the stunning views from Adasul and Kohoj Hill Forts. It takes approx two hours to complete the trek.


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Rajmachi, known for its two citadels, is a magnificent fort 13 kms off Lonavala. It is here that you can witness a unique phenomena just before the monsoons, which is the mating season of the fireflies. Lakhs of these glow worms can be seen in the dense forest throughout the night putting on a fascinating display of lights. The trek too is mesmerising with the luscious greenery working its magic.

There are many adventure travel companies that you can get in touch with to sign up for these treks. One among them is Countryside Adventure Holidays, who have various treks lined up for the month of July and August (Umberkhind - July 15, Duke's Nose - July 29).