4 Things You Absolutely Must Do In Diu

Diu is also a weekend getaway that offers as much to explore as it allows one to unwind

Explore the coastal area, which is very serene and beautiful

If you are travelling around the western coast of India, Diu is one place which you should definitely consider vacationing in. Diu is a place that is picturesque, serene, and also not as crowded as many other coastal regions. It is also a weekend getaway that offers as much to explore as it allows one to unwind. Not only can you cover the place in a weekend, but it is also well connected. And if you actually decide to head there, here are the things you should definitely do.

Explore the Diu Fort

Fort of Diu is one of the remnants of the Portuguese architecture in the area. The fort is large and magnificent in a very sublime way. Not only the beautifully built canons and structures that have survived over time, the view from the fort is also one that will take your breath away.


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Sit on the hillock next to the lighthouse

One of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in Diu is the hillock next to the Fort, parallel to the lighthouse. Not only do you get a beautiful view of the sea, but you can sit there for hours, take a picnic along, and just unwind.


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See the Naida Caves

Situated very close to the fort, these underground caves are very intriguing and exciting to explore. A network of tunnels, wide open expanses, and caves, this place won’t take a lot of your time to explore but quite fun.


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Explore the city and the beaches

Like in Goa, you can hire a scooter or a bike in Diu and explore the city - green, open, and beautiful - and see the villages, the temples, the churches, the many beaches (even the ones that are completely isolated) and beautiful cafes. Diu has some really good places to eat - O’Coqueiro and Cat’s Eye View are must visit restaurants.


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Definitely go when you can.