6 Of The World's Best Beach Destinations For Your Summer Holiday

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6 Of The World's Best Beach Destinations For Your Summer Holiday

They are the world's finest beach spots

Summer is the one time of the year that everyone plans their trips around. The quarter of the year is filled with sunshine and blue skies, making it the perfect time for a family holiday, romantic getaway or buddy trip. And what better destination than the beach? Summer is best spent on the shore, with its stunning sunsets, gentle waves and peaceful atmosphere. If you want the wind in your hair and sand on your feet, pack up and head to any of the six destinations that are among the best beach spots in the world.

1. Hawaii

The state of Hawaii consists of a cluster of hundreds of islands all huddled close together with active volcanic presence. Being not just one or two, but hundreds of islands, Hawaii is known for its warm, tropical climate, untouched scenery and volcanoes, which make it a favourite for tourists. The top beaches in Hawaii are Waikiki, Kauna'oa Bay, the North shore and Lainikai, all of which promise blue waters and white sands dotted with palm trees, right out of a desktop screen saver.

2. Thailand

This South East Asian country has grown in popularity over the past few years and it isn't only the Thai cuisine that's responsible for that. Thailand is home to some of the world's most stunning beaches which thankfully, tourism hasn't caught wind of yet. These include Koh Kradan, Chaweng in Koh Samui, Long Beach and Phi Phi Don. (where the Hollywood flick The Beach was filmed) Any more reason to book a Thai vacay?

3. Mexico

If you thought Mexico was only the backdrop of numerous TV shows, you'll be pleased to know that some of the world's most incredible beaches are situated here. There's the popular Tulum beach that's a tourist favourite, the beautiful Playa del Carmen that is also known for the great eats by the side, Los Cabos which sees many spring breaks spent here and Cancun, a honeymooner's paradise.

4. Fiji

Skim through images of Fiji and it is just so beautiful, you'll wonder if it actually exists. Almost untouched by the world, the South Pacific country has some of the best beaches that exist. Liku beach has a rustic, rock lined surrounding. Natadola beach has water so clear, you can see the sand beneath. Vomo Island promises a landscape that belongs in a magazine and Deuba beach has sea, sand and surf - a perfect recipe for a successful summer vacay.

5. Andaman And Nicobar Islands

If you don't want to veer too far from home turf, visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The most striking feature is the beautiful blue waters, which is unseen at most of India's beaches. The islands are dotted with a number of beaches like Havelock island's Radhanagar beach, Guitar island beach and Port Blair's Wandoor beach. All of them are ideal for solitude and peace, where you can also try water sports.

6. Maldives


Any beach baby will be spoilt for choice when you visit Maldives. The archipelago is filled with thousands of smaller islands and has some of the world's best beaches to offer. These include Hulhumale beach, the luxurious Reethi beach, Nika island beaches and the bioluminescent Kuredu and Mihiri, which light up at night naturally during certain times of the year.