7 Most Popular Wildlife Destinations In Assam

Wildlife calling? Head to Assam for a spectacular trip

7 Most Popular Wildlife Destinations In Assam

Assam is a paradise for nature lovers

Ask anyone to describe Assam and the first thing people often say is that "it's so green". The beautiful valley in northeast India is an absolute paradise for nature lovers. It has umpteen national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, making it the perfect getaway to experience wildlife at its best. Then there's of course the craze of spotting the one-horned rhinoceros - the only place in India where you can witness the majestic beasts in their natural habitat - as well as tigers, leopards, wild elephants, bears and numerous migratory birds.

So if Assam has been on your travel wishlist and you've been wanting to experience all that greenery while camping by the mighty Brahmaputra, now would be a good time to start planning your trip. The best time to visit Assam is from October to March when the weather is pleasant. Since most of the good hotels and resorts get booked way in advance, you need to plan accordingly.

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Assam provides a range of wildlife destinations for all sorts of travellers. Wondering how to go about? We list down seven of the most popular options:

1. Kaziranga National Park

Declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Kaziranga is the most famous tourist spot in Assam. It doesn't only see an influx of Indian tourists but more of foreign travellers. This is the place where you can spot the one-horned rhinoceros by signing up for jeep safaris or early morning elephant safaris. Most people prefer the latter option as it's the best way to get as close to the beasts as possible. There are many beautiful eco resorts in Kaziranga where you can enjoy a memorable stay with all comfort. Some of the noted ones are Diphlu River Lodge, Resort Borgos and Iora The Retreat.

Time taken from Guwahati: 4 hours


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2. Nameri National Park

Located close to the eastern Himalayas, Nameri (which is also an elephant reserve) is a great pick for those who enjoy camping, river rafting and angling. The river Jia Bhoroli passes through the national park, thus making it a popular spot for golden mahseer angling. Best places to stay near about the park include Nameri Eco Camp and Wild Mahseer.

Time taken from Guwahati: 5 hours

3. Manas National Park

Manas National Park lies close to the border of Bhutan. Away from any hustle and bustle, this is where you can enjoy a peaceful time in the heart of nature, with gorgeous views of the Bhutan Himalayas. Named after one of the tributaries of the Brahmaputra, Manas constitutes of grasslands and forests. Here too, you can spot the rhinoceros, Asiatic buffalo, sambar, great hornbill and other wild birds and animals. Best places to stay include Musa Jungle Retreat and V Resorts Sikhiri Manas.

Time taken from Guwahati: 3 hours


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4. Dibru Saikhowa National Park

This is a beautiful wildlife destination located close to Tinsukia district in upper Assam. With the recent completion of the Dhola-Sadiya bridge (the longest bridge in India), which connects Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, the national park has become a popular getaway among locals for a short break. You can't find the rhinoceros here, but you can spot rare white-winged wood duck, black-breasted parrotbill, Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, Assamese macaque, and all sorts of birds. You can also take a boat ride to experience the countryside.

Time taken from Guwahati: 11 1/2 hours; closest airport is Dibrugarh

5. Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park

Located close to Guwahati, Orang is a popular pick among travellers who don't have the time to make it to Kaziranga. Here you can spot rhinos as well as tigers. It is said that the wetland was earlier inhabited by the Orang tribe, hence the name. You can also sign by for a luxury river cruise arranged by Assam Bengal Navigation to explore the national park.

Time taken from Guwahati: 3 hours

6. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora is a good option for those who have a day's time to spare while visiting Guwahati. A one-day trip is just perfect to get away from the city and take a safari to see rhinos. Most hotels and tour operators in Guwahati arrange trips to Pobitora. If you would like to stay over for the night, then good options are Prashanti Tourist Lodge, Zizina Otis Resort and Arya Eco Resort.

Time taken from Guwahati: 2 hours


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7. Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary

Chakrashila is home to the golden langur, which is now the second largest protected habitat for the species in India. The sanctuary is surrounded by lush greenery with numerous bird species to discover, thus making it a great option for photographers. Two main highlights here are Dheer Lake and Diplai Lake.

Time taken from Guwahati: 4 1/2 hours


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Tempted enough to start planning your trip? Go on, experience Assam's natural beauty and know what it means when people say "it's so green".