Sushmita Sen's Family Holiday To USA Is Warming Our Hearts

This is what wonderful family holidays are made of

Sushmita Sen's Family Holiday To USA Is Warming Our Hearts

Sushmita Sen, Alisah and her friends and family in Chicago (Image Credit: SushmitaSen47)

Like the rest of Bollywood, Sushmita Sen too is enjoying the season overseas with her family and friends in the United States. However, instead of just posting picturesque monuments and selfies, Sushmita has gone ahead and given us a glimpse into the experiences she is having on holiday and we've got to say, it sure looks like a fun time.

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Sushmita was the proud mom who cheered her daughter Alisah on as she went rock-climbing for the first time.


"My little girl with a big #brave heart" Alisah's first ever attempt at #rockclimbing she aced it!!!I muted the video sound to prevent going deaf with the amount we screamed rooting for me!!!#rocksolid she definitely is!!!#sharing #navypier #lastday #chicago #holidaydiary2018 love you guys!!!

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What are holidays for if not for a spot of shopping while enjoying the delightful store.


We even fit in some #retailtherapy #sharing #moments #michiganave #lastday #chicago #holidaydiary2018 #mmuuuaaah

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To truly take in the Chicago sunset from the 103rd floor, the girls decided to do the wheel pose to get a street view from the top.


Getting a new hairdo on the streets of downtown New York ain't nothing for these ladies.


Like all of us, Sushmita couldn't resist making a furry friend at Starbucks.


Bonus was a mini fashion show from the Miss Universe herself who strutted her stuff in the mirror with a glitzy gown.


Little Alisah saw an Austrian royal crown in a store window and had to try it, which made all of us go 'aww'.


Another day, another sunset in Miami. This one is enjoyed in a black bikini with Sushmita looking lovely as ever.


The mother-daughter duo also took a dip in the pool; the best way to really enjoy any holiday.



Family holidays are best made of memories like these, which will last for years after the vacation.