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One of the best facials for a youthful skin is the gold facial. The 24-karat gold mask penetrates into the skin to get rid of toxins.

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Gold Facial

Diamond facials uses face masks with diamond dust that suggestively prevents any signs of ageing. And you thought gold facials were indulgent?

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Diamond Facial

It comprises activated charcoal in masks that help get rid of excess oil from the skin and is best suited for acne-prone skin.

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Charcoal Facial

Cryotherapy is an ultra-cold treatment where chilled vapours are exposed to the face to strengthen the skin and tighten the pores.

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Wine facials are popular among people with acne-prone skin as red wine is packed with antioxidants that promote cell renewal.

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Wine Facial

The expensive vampire facial uses platelets from the blood, which is then injected to the face. It is popular among celebs like Kim Kardashian.


Vampire Facial

One distinctive Korean beauty facial is simply exfoliating the skin with silkworm cocoons for clearer skin.

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Silkworm Cocoon Facial

The slimy mucus from snails is said to contain antioxidants that promote regeneration of cells. This mucus is gently massaged onto the skin.

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Snail Facial

Caviar facials are said to promote a glowing skin and isn't just an expensive delicacy but also an expensive beauty treatment.

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Caviar Facial

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