Beauty Tips To Grow

Long Hair 

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For hair that cascades down your shoulders and back, follow the right beauty tips and hair growth tricks to grow hair long and strong at home

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1. Trim Lengths

It sounds counter-intuitive but regularly trimming the ends prevents damage from moving upwards and increasing over the length

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2. Add Onion Oil

Being rich in sulphur, onion oil is the holy grail for hair growth. Add it to your routine prior or post washing 

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3. Add Nutrients

A nutrient-packed diet with plenty of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins B5, D and zinc can positively affect hair growth

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4. Oils Are Essential

Combine essential oils like pumpkin seed, rosemary, jojoba and peppermint with carrier oils to stimulate hair growth when massaging

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5. Shampoo Less

Over-shampooing goes beyond removing dirt and grease and even strips natural sebum which the locks require for natural growth

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6. Sleep On Silk

Sleep on a silk pillowcase when you snooze as it prevents tangles, knots and breakage to further allow hair to keep growing

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7. Dry It Right

Use the right motion when drying your tresses. Blot it, don't rub it. Be gentle and avoid tugging. Use soft fabrics which aren't coarse on the length

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8. Avoid Heat

Lay off frequent use of heat styling tools like flat irons, curling tongs and hot brushes. High temperatures damage hair and cause splitting and breakage

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