Benefits Of Berries

For Your Skin

While most berries are low on fat and taste great too, they contain a whole lot of goodness for your skin 

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1. Raspberry

Vitamin C and antioxidants from raspberries can reduce early signs of ageing such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles 

2. Strawberry

Strawberries are a great source of antioxidants that act as a natural UV protection and also helps in brightening the skin 

3. Blueberry

Considered a superfood, blueberries are said to help in boosting collagen that naturally repairs damaged skin 

4. Cranberry

Cranberries are one of the best sources of Vitamin E that brightens the skin tone, improves texture and keeps the skin youthful 

5. Blackberry

One of the best anti-ageing agents, blackberries may help in reducing early signs of ageing and in fighting acne prone bacteria

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6. Indian Gooseberry

Commonly known as amla, this superfood fights acne and removes dead skin cells to promote radiant and clear skin 

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7. Mulberry

Mulberry is known to work excellently on pigmentation by removing dark spots and acne scars from the skin 

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